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Thursday, 3 January 2013

So this post is slightly late, but I'll be honest I just enjoyed relaxing and basically doing nothing over Christmas - this was the festive period of the pj's and the box set, washed down with an inordinate amount of alcohol. (I got myself into a routine of consuming some form of alcohol on a daily basis - I am not an alcoholic honest! I am not in denial either!!)
Over the festive period some of my favourite posts have been looking at what people have had for Christmas - I love a good haul post - but I've read on some posts that there's been talk of this being a big braggy. I can't say I have seen any of this, but if that's your opinion, that's OK, just come back over the weekend for an outfit post instead. OK, great - on with what I received for Christmas.
This is everything I got from everyone - my partner, friends, and both sets of parents - the only thing not shown here is what I received in my Christmas blogger swap - that will be in a separate post.
Calender/Organiser, A gorgeous scrapbooking set, including loads of embellishments (I have no idea where to start with this by the way, any ideas?) and Harry Potter Scene it?
Lots of books! I've read all the Percy Jackson's but on my Kindle, so I wanted them as physical books. I haven't read the Hunger Games, so I was pleased to receive this set. I had asked for the Jamie Oliver Cookbook - I've got my eye on 30 Minutes Meals and Ministry of Food next too.
The 'Sweet Tooth' book was a complete surprise, and was from my brother, who isn't known for his gift buying abilities, so this was really well chosen by him.
"The Big Bang Theory" DVD was a complete surprise. I haven't really seen it, but I have seen bits and found it funny, but I wanted to watch it all properly from the beginning. I'm currently watching it as I type!
Two sparkly Dorothy Perkins Jumpers, two pairs of slippers, socks, pants (obviously!), a River Island clutch, two sets of PJ's from Boux Avenue - one is checked and the other has a snowflake print - and sparkly ballet pumps.

I didn't get that many smellies this year - and surprisingly nothing from Lush, which means I can just go buy my own with my Christmas money! I love Lady Million, and the Sex and the City set is nice, I especially like the miniature perfume bottle to go in your bag. Its really long wearing too! The Pandora charm is an aeroplane, and the heart ornament says "To The Best Auntie Jen" on it.

Finally these have to be my favourite Christmas gifts. A full antique dressing table set, and various pots to go on there too - the glass is blue glass so it all goes beautifully in my bedroom. I thought you guys would really like to see this as this was thrifted by my Mum - she is the ultimate thrifter! I have used the pots to store bits and pieces of jewellery in.
I've also bought Downton Abbey to watch (I haven't seen any of that either!) I've never been into watching box sets, but I'm loving all this TV. I bought my other half Homeland Season 1 so that's also on the list.
Did you get any good box sets this Christmas?


  1. Great gifts! Love your dressing table set x

    1. Thanks - I almost didn't do this post but I though people would perhaps like the dressing table set so I wanted to share it :)

  2. awww you had loads of goodies! i love those slippers and the brush set is great!! I had the new girl boxset which i have almost finished watching already! haha


    1. Haha I'm just about up to series 3 of Big Bang theory - it's a marathon not a sprint lol

  3. Your dressing table set is beautiful. xxx

  4. That all looks sooooooooooooooooooooo glamourous! The Jamie's 15 minute meal book is fantastic! I bough 6 of them, for family...then accidentally kept one for myself ;) (shhh, I couldn't help myself)!

  5. All of your presents look just like what I would ask for :) x

  6. Oh your Mum wins the award for best present shopper ever!! That dressing table set is absolutely stunning.

    I only got one boxset (Brotherhood) and it's not something I'd ever heard of before, but I'm looking forward to starting it soon.


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