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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Woohoo! Me again! And I've been shopping again! Ok not so much recently, these are from a little while ago. If you follow my blog you will know I am a charity shop addict! It's getting a bit beyond a joke now really, as I seem to be able to justify spending money in a charity shop, even if I don't spend it anywhere else (although to be fair that hasn't stopped me much recently either! Serious spending ban required!)
Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my most recent bargains that I've picked up in some of the chazzas of late.
(Clockwise L-R) I love this cute little dog print top! It's a New Look one, and I'm just getting into the Peter Pan collar thing. I'm a terrible blogger really as I am so behind the fashion times! The Bretton stripe top is also from New Look. I thought this was cute just for chilling out in at weekends over a pair of skinnys. The mustard yellow top is a Topshop on. I haven't actually worn this much as it comes slightly short and looks a bit silly with a cardigan over it.
I saw this little cardigan/jacket hidden in the rails. I think the print might have put some people off, as shoved on a rail between loads of other things it didn't look it's best, but I'm really glad I pulled it out. It was originally from Next, and looks cute over a plain vest - I'm trying to find a mustard coloured vest to wear it over, but I am after a good quality one as you will obviously see it a lot. (I did try it over the Topshop one, but it doesn't really work)
Two more items from next - a forest green tunic top and a dusky pink tie front blouse.
I picked up these two dresses and two other dresses at the same time. The mustard coloured one was my least favourite of them all until I got them home and tried them on and it became my favourite! These are both H&M dresses. The florally one is a little short but is ok over leggings. I'm going to style the mustard one over jeans and riding boots - yes a dress over jeans! How very 90s!! Watch out for an outfit post coming soon. 
What do you think of my finds? Anyone know of any good quality mustard colours vest tops?

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  1. I love charity shops - looks like you found some awesome bargains! I bought a top from one today - it's ASOS Maternity, but despite me not being pregnant I love the oversize fit, haha! x

    1. Sometimes I'll pick things up in charity hops that don't technically fit but I'll find a way by adding a belt etc lol

  2. I love the dresses and the mustard colored shirt! I will be looking forward to fashion posts!
    Alesha <3
    P.S. I love thrift stores too!
    P.P.S. I ha a friend helping me with the whole overseas shipping thing today! Maybe soon I'll have it totally figured out. <3

  3. Your items are beautiful. I'm very lucky that I live literally across the road from three very good charity shops. I always find something I love in at least one!

    Laura xo

  4. I love the dog print top, it's so cute :). Yellow is always one of my favourite colours to wear this time of year too (well, that and burgundy)! Do H&M sell good quality mustard coloured vest tops? That's the only place I could really think of! xx

    Almost Delightful

  5. i love the dresses :) they are so cute :)


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