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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Over the coming days, I'm sure we will see lots of blog posts of everyone's Christmas decorations. Well it is the 1st December on Saturday (what do you mean you haven't started Christmas shopping yet!?!) and for me, that means it is acceptable for the decorations to go up. But before you even think about putting them up there are a few essential maintenance things you need to do first!

So here are my top tips for pre-christmas decorating!
Clean! Yes clean, you lazy madam! Christmas decorations are notorious for harbouring dust, so it's going to be difficult to get a good deep down clean of the next month, so wipe your skirting boards around where your tree is going to go, at least! Ideally do the whole room. Hoover the floor. Dust the tops of mantelpieces/mirrors, basically anywhere thats likely to be festivally adorned. I go that extra mile and shampoo my sofa - I have a dog and I have Christmas cushions and throws.

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Think about things you can put away. You know when you take everything down after Christmas and it all feels a bit empty? Well you can prevent this by putting some things away for the festive period and bringing them back out in the New Year.
For example, if you have a garland over your mantelpiece, put away the things that are usually on there (this is a good time to give them a quick wipe too!) and then when your garland comes down you've got shiny clean ornaments to look at!

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Do you put a wreath on your door? Have you actually looked at your door recently? It's filthy isn't it, from all that road dirt from the winter rain, salt and general grot. Before you hang up your sparkly Christmas wreath to welcome our festive guest, give you doorstep some TLC. Wipe the front of your door down, shake off the door mat (you might want to change it for a more festive one) and give your doorstep a bit of a sweep.
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Right, so you're ready to put your tree up yeah? Think again!

Test your lights. Yes its boring but seriously do it! No one wants the power to go off halfway through the afternoon movie queens speech because you've got dodgy fairy lights! Finally, get an extension cable. I can guarantee that your tree will be in a place where the nearest plug socket is miles away!

Ok, Ok, now you can put the tree up!

Tips for that?

I am firmly in the "tinsel is awesome!" camp. But, and this is a big but, it has got to be decent tinsel! I talking the luxury tinsel, the M&S of tinsel! Good tinsel can make a cheap tree look great, cheap tinsel can make a good tree look, well quite frankly, rubbish!

I match my decorations to my living room. This is because I am a bit anal and I had a whole new tree decorations everything when I moved house last year. This isn't compulsory, go for broke! Put what you want on your tree, after all its your tree. However, it does look generally better if the bigger decorations are at the bottom (i.e the bigger part of the tree) and the smaller ones at the top. I have no idea how you deal with those upside down trees, to me they are just bonkers! Then top off with your choice of topper - star, angel, or dodgy looking Barbie doll!

I hope my pre-Christmas tips have been useful - I'm off to practice what I preach! I can't wait to show you my Christmas decorations up!

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  1. Haha this post made me laugh :)! I never really thought to clean before putting up a Christmas tree because I've always been too excited to get it up, but this time I will clean first :). I really like the tip of taking some decorations out and then when you take the christmas tree down the room feels less empty :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  2. Wow! Great post! I never really thought about needing to clean extra before decorating, but it totally makes sense! =) Can't wait to see pictures of your tree!
    Alesha <3

  3. haha good tips! My boyfriend moans every year when I make him get out the duster and hoover - he says you won't see it hiding underneath the tree! pah!
    Love the new layout :) x

  4. nice advices dear! i cant wait for Christmas xx

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Ah I wish I had the energy to deep clean before the decs go up, shamefully not and we put them up regardless!x

  6. lovely tips!

  7. getting a plug with a remote is handy too! and sprite keeps real tree's alive longer! x

    1. I didn't know that about Sprite! Great tip!


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