República de Cuba - Holiday Snaps

Sunday, 7 October 2012

This most certainly proves how long its actually been since I did any real proper blogging! These are some of my snaps from when  I went to Cuba in June!
I know not everyone is always interested in posts like this, particularly in a blog that focuses on fashion and beauty, but I think this comes under lifestyle, and I wanted to share some images of this amazing and beautiful country.
C/Wise L-R:- Dress New Look via Car Boot sale
Train outside the hotel (no longer in use)
Swim-up restaurant where I ate curried water buffalo! Which I must say was amazing!
Obligatory American cars in Cuba pic

L-R Outfit as seen here Vest from Internacionale
Cuban Village
Another shot of the restaurant and the boat we arrived on
Big Lizard!

L-R: -Skirt - Glamorous UK; Body - H&M;
Flipflops & Belt - Hollister
Necklace - Thrifted
Car outside hotel
Hotel Beach
Cuba is a financially poor country, but it is so rich in culture and beauty. I had heard so much about the people of Cuba and they didn't disappoint. They are friendly, welcoming, incredibly gracious and proud of their heritage. Seeing how few material goods the people have but recognising that they almost accept that and don't try to compete with their friends and neighbours, is quite humbling, and made me question some of my values. (For a while - It hasn't stopped me shopping sadly!)

Anyway these are just a selection of my holiday snaps - I didn't think you'd appreciate the not-so-flattering bikini shots!


  1. LOVE your blue high low skirt! Glad you had such a great time, I went to Spain and its so amazing to just get away isnt it!? Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -
    Lucy x

  2. Hello, found your blog on FBL facebook group! Already following you! I'm following all the girls on the group, so I would be very glad if you follow me back. xoxoxo

  3. Really cute holiday snaps, looks like you had an amazing time.


  4. We haven't had the chance to go to Cuba yet but it looks amazing!

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