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Friday, 5 October 2012

So even though I've been a terrible blogger of late, I have still be thinking of you all, and taking quick snaps of various bits and bob that I wanted to share with you all.

One of these 'bobs' was an outfit I wore to a wedding. You probably going to be a bit surprised that I wore this to a wedding, but firstly it was the evening reception only, which took place in our local community centre as the couple had got married abroad, so essentially it was one big party/drinking session but with food and a girl in a big white dress (who incidentally got changed halfway through the night into her skinny jeans! Go figure!)

Anyway, I'd spotted this shirt in Primark, and I am trying to buy items that are more 'classic' as opposed to 'fashion', so they might have a bit more staying power in my wardrobe, and I sort of thought this fitted in with my 'classic' category (well short of! OK probably not at all but oh well!) I liked how it seemed quite different, and unusually so far I have not seen one other person in it yet - I'm sure loads of you own it, but s far I've been lucky! Or blind. Its really soft floaty fabric and is just a complete tent - hence the belt - great for bloating!

Shirt & Jeans - both Primark
Shoes - Matalan

Bag - Vintage (thrifted)
Belt - Primark
Watch - River Island
Bracelets - Prairie Charms

Earrings - Vivenne Westwood
This outfit post was also supposed to form part of my entry into Prairie Charms Project Blogger, but as I've been so absent, I believe it is now passed, however I will still have a post coming up reviewing the bracelets in more detail (and with closer shots).

I apologise for the lack of close up on the shoes (and also the slight blurriness of the photos!) but they didn't come out very well, and these were taken as we were on our way out that night.

I'm also trying out some ore editing with photos where I can, including trying to frame them better. I want to get a more uniform look to the photos on my blog - any advice?

What do you think to this outfit?


  1. Your hair is amazing. Screw the outfit!
    I've wanted that hair style for so long, but it wont suit me! haha.
    Erica xo


    1. Haha, thanks! Although its short it can still take me a good 30-40 mins to style it! I always wanted gorgeous long thick hair but sadly my hair is fine and long hair doesn't suit me :( we are never happy us girls are we lol


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