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Saturday, 6 October 2012

This week I have had a whole blissful 5 days off work. I haven't actully gone on holiday although it's felt like I have! My Mum is the one whose been off on her jollies and I've had the job of house sitting and dog sitting her 3 very large dogs, along with my own!
As I've mentioned numerous times, my mum lives in a house that is owned by The Chatsworth Estate. The house itself is right down a country lane, with no neighbours other than the cows that belong to the diary farm down the road.

This week has been so relaxing and peaceful, and I have managed to avoid doing or thinking about working in anyway shape or form. My week has been filled with blogging, shopping, reading, open fires and probably more wine than I'd like to admit to!
It even has a library! My Mum's book collection is enormous!

I also enjoyed a spa day with my friend that we bought as a Groupon voucher, so I enjoyed a lovely back massage and I now have a beautifully autumnal burgundy manicure - which is my current colour crush, and will be featuring heavily in my winter wardrobe!

This photos make it seem much warmer than it's been this week, as I picked a bright day to take these snaps. The weather has most certainly cooled now, and I've done my big wardrobe switch, and all my summer clothes have gone in the wardrobe in the spare room and the chunky knits and boots are back out. I love autumn and winter. I not a fan of summer clothes in general, as I always feel a bit exposed and I find them quite unflattering usually! The British Summertime is so unpredictable that you never know what to wear for the best and most practical - at least at this time of year it's jumpers and boots all the way, it's just a question of whether you wear a coat or not. I prefer the colours of autumn, and you can't snuggle up in slippers with a hot chocolate in the summer. It's also an excuse to not be as strict with the diet - as its all hidden under layers of clothes - and indulge in pies, mash, stews and casseroles!


  1. Mmmm I love the look of that chair by the fireplace in the library :)

  2. can I move into your mum's house? It looks too lush

  3. OH MY GOD JEN. I love your mums house. It is INCREDIBLE. Wine, fireplace, and library? SOLD. xx


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