Mini Primark Winter Woolies Haul

Sunday, 28 October 2012

In my last post one or two of you commented on my headband that I was wearing.
The headband is from Primark as I recently had a 'mini' haul in Primark of some winter woolies that I wanted to share with you. It really is starting to feel like winter as its been so cold and now the clocks have gone back and it's already dark, all I want to do is snuggle up!
This is the coat you saw me wearing in the previous post. I've worn it a few times recently and everyone always asks where it is from and are usually really shocked it is Primark.
I've got a bit of a berry/burgundy (I refuse to say oxblood, as i just dint like the idea of something animal blood coloured!) obsession right now and I've always loved fair isle knits! This slouchy cardi is great for Sunday afternoons snuggling in the sofa over a best and leggings and some big fluffy socks! I've got an outfit post featuring this shortly. This was £14. I went a size smaller as they do seem to be really baggy so it depends how you want to wear it really.

The burgundy obsession continues!! I've always liked the combination of burgundy and navy together anyway - it reminds me of American Colleges for some reason (I have no idea why!) so the fact that these colours are everywhere this season is great! Although it means everyone is wearing them now! I've always preferred navy over black as I feel it is a much more flattering colour and doesn't wash you out so much.

The scarfs in the picture above we're around £6, the shoes were £6 and the headband was £4. Gloves were also £4. I may be slightly out on these prices as I forgot to keep the recipes, but all in all I spent just over £60 in Primark, and my coat on its own was £35, so around these figures.

The other thing I got that I forgot to photograph is a pearl collar necklace. I will put it an outfit post soon though as I seem to be wearing it constantly!

I officially need to go on a spending ban now!! Although I may just treat myself to one last final thing - a burgundy bobble hat!!


Have you been stocking up on winter woolies?

Luck be a Lady

Sunday, 21 October 2012

After seeing Olivia's beautiful coat earlier this week, I knew it was time to start looking for my winter coat. I usually live in my Fat Face gilet, but it is very casual and doesn't look very good with a suit!

I logged on to TK Maxx to see if I could track down Olivia's beauty, sadly it wasn't meant to be. Determined not to be defeated, I headed to the Great British High Street.

It was suprisingly, Primark, who came up with the goods! I don't often buy coats from Primark as I find they can often look cheap, and I do think coats should be invest pieces. (My Gemma gilet is now two years old, yet it still looks brand new and they keep re-selling every year it so its clearly a winner!) But this is just BEAUTIFUL!

Sadly my photographs do not in anyway do it justice - I have just invested in a bridge camera (not quite a DSLR, but its a step up from my compact) and I am still very much getting used to it, and all the different settings.

It's very lady like, and I've been told very me! (I've never though of myself as ladylike either!) and I'm amazingly in love with it right now! As possible as it is to be in love with a coat! I feel like I just need a victorian hand muff and I'm all set for winter!

Coat - Primark
Headband - Primark
Bag - Mulberry

Rep├║blica de Cuba - Holiday Snaps

Sunday, 7 October 2012

This most certainly proves how long its actually been since I did any real proper blogging! These are some of my snaps from when  I went to Cuba in June!
I know not everyone is always interested in posts like this, particularly in a blog that focuses on fashion and beauty, but I think this comes under lifestyle, and I wanted to share some images of this amazing and beautiful country.
C/Wise L-R:- Dress New Look via Car Boot sale
Train outside the hotel (no longer in use)
Swim-up restaurant where I ate curried water buffalo! Which I must say was amazing!
Obligatory American cars in Cuba pic

L-R Outfit as seen here Vest from Internacionale
Cuban Village
Another shot of the restaurant and the boat we arrived on
Big Lizard!

L-R: -Skirt - Glamorous UK; Body - H&M;
Flipflops & Belt - Hollister
Necklace - Thrifted
Car outside hotel
Hotel Beach
Cuba is a financially poor country, but it is so rich in culture and beauty. I had heard so much about the people of Cuba and they didn't disappoint. They are friendly, welcoming, incredibly gracious and proud of their heritage. Seeing how few material goods the people have but recognising that they almost accept that and don't try to compete with their friends and neighbours, is quite humbling, and made me question some of my values. (For a while - It hasn't stopped me shopping sadly!)

Anyway these are just a selection of my holiday snaps - I didn't think you'd appreciate the not-so-flattering bikini shots!

Living the Good Life

Saturday, 6 October 2012

This week I have had a whole blissful 5 days off work. I haven't actully gone on holiday although it's felt like I have! My Mum is the one whose been off on her jollies and I've had the job of house sitting and dog sitting her 3 very large dogs, along with my own!
As I've mentioned numerous times, my mum lives in a house that is owned by The Chatsworth Estate. The house itself is right down a country lane, with no neighbours other than the cows that belong to the diary farm down the road.

This week has been so relaxing and peaceful, and I have managed to avoid doing or thinking about working in anyway shape or form. My week has been filled with blogging, shopping, reading, open fires and probably more wine than I'd like to admit to!
It even has a library! My Mum's book collection is enormous!

I also enjoyed a spa day with my friend that we bought as a Groupon voucher, so I enjoyed a lovely back massage and I now have a beautifully autumnal burgundy manicure - which is my current colour crush, and will be featuring heavily in my winter wardrobe!

This photos make it seem much warmer than it's been this week, as I picked a bright day to take these snaps. The weather has most certainly cooled now, and I've done my big wardrobe switch, and all my summer clothes have gone in the wardrobe in the spare room and the chunky knits and boots are back out. I love autumn and winter. I not a fan of summer clothes in general, as I always feel a bit exposed and I find them quite unflattering usually! The British Summertime is so unpredictable that you never know what to wear for the best and most practical - at least at this time of year it's jumpers and boots all the way, it's just a question of whether you wear a coat or not. I prefer the colours of autumn, and you can't snuggle up in slippers with a hot chocolate in the summer. It's also an excuse to not be as strict with the diet - as its all hidden under layers of clothes - and indulge in pies, mash, stews and casseroles!

OOTD:- Monochrome

Friday, 5 October 2012

So even though I've been a terrible blogger of late, I have still be thinking of you all, and taking quick snaps of various bits and bob that I wanted to share with you all.

One of these 'bobs' was an outfit I wore to a wedding. You probably going to be a bit surprised that I wore this to a wedding, but firstly it was the evening reception only, which took place in our local community centre as the couple had got married abroad, so essentially it was one big party/drinking session but with food and a girl in a big white dress (who incidentally got changed halfway through the night into her skinny jeans! Go figure!)

Anyway, I'd spotted this shirt in Primark, and I am trying to buy items that are more 'classic' as opposed to 'fashion', so they might have a bit more staying power in my wardrobe, and I sort of thought this fitted in with my 'classic' category (well short of! OK probably not at all but oh well!) I liked how it seemed quite different, and unusually so far I have not seen one other person in it yet - I'm sure loads of you own it, but s far I've been lucky! Or blind. Its really soft floaty fabric and is just a complete tent - hence the belt - great for bloating!

Shirt & Jeans - both Primark
Shoes - Matalan

Bag - Vintage (thrifted)
Belt - Primark
Watch - River Island
Bracelets - Prairie Charms

Earrings - Vivenne Westwood
This outfit post was also supposed to form part of my entry into Prairie Charms Project Blogger, but as I've been so absent, I believe it is now passed, however I will still have a post coming up reviewing the bracelets in more detail (and with closer shots).

I apologise for the lack of close up on the shoes (and also the slight blurriness of the photos!) but they didn't come out very well, and these were taken as we were on our way out that night.

I'm also trying out some ore editing with photos where I can, including trying to frame them better. I want to get a more uniform look to the photos on my blog - any advice?

What do you think to this outfit?

The girl gets around

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The title of this post is a song featured in the movie Footloose - hence the red cowboy boots! I always wanted a pair of those!

Anyway the purpose of this post is just to let you know about some of the places I've popped up as a guest poster or been shown a little bit of love!! Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the posts but this is also a little promote for the lovely ladies out there who have been kind enough to let my ramblings take over their blog for just one post or they've made a little effort to feature me in some way!



Enjoy all these delightful blogs! If you have mentioned me on your blog in anyway or would like a guest post or to ask me some questions, please let me know so I can feature it here!


You Again??

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My mum's doormat - welcoming huh?

Oh hi there! Remember me?? No?? Oh come on!?! It's me!! There you go!!
Wow!! Has it really been that long since I last blogged?? Where have the days gone? I've had all the good intentions of getting back to blogging but for various reasons things have gotten in the way.
You may remember a few posts back I shared some personal things that were going on in my life that were preventing me from blogging as much as I wanted to. I'll start off with a little update I think.
Well first some good news! I managed to get bang up to date with my work load and successfully got my boss to cut me a lot of slack, and recently I've been getting on with her rather well, to the extent I think I might actually miss her when I leave! Yep, that's right, I'm leaving my job - well sort of. Remember that team I wanted to get in, well I got in!!!! Unbelievable!! I think this has really helped me boost my confidence and remind me that I am good at what I do. I've got a little bit behind again in terms of workload, but you come to accept that in this line of work, but not so behind I'm crazy busy like I was before.
So why have I still been absent? Well the honest answer is I'm not sure, but to some extent I've been enjoying doing the other things I enjoyed before discovering blogging, like reading. I read so much in Cuba, and at one time I couldn't go to sleep without reading a chapter but that all went by the wayside, so I've been getting back into reading and walking my dog, a lot! I've been spending time with friends, cleaning my house, doing the big wardrobe shuffle (more to come on that!) and generally just enjoying being me. I've been quite a solitary person of late and I was worried I was become unsociable, until a friend of mine pointed out that actually my down time is to just be at home with my partner and my pets, cooking tea together, and watching trashy TV. I never though of it that way, but she's so right! So many nights that is all I want to do when I finally get home, so maybe that's why blogging became slightly secondary. (That and an addiction to a ridiculous game that I started playing on my IPad, honestly the amount I play it is bordering on the obsessive!)
Oooo did I mention my swish little purchase? My new iPad? It's really helped getting up to date in terms of working, as its so quick to turn on and quickly type something up then booting up my laptop. I had hoped to use it a lot for blogging. I'm using Blogsy right now and it does the job but its not as effective as being on the Blogger editor, so maybe not as much blogging will come off the IPad as planned.
So my reason for coming back now is that I'm off work and house sitting for my mum. I've mentioned before my mum lives in a house owned by the Chatsworth estate, and they recently moved to another one down a country lane with only the cows and the farm for neighbours. I've spent most of my evenings curled up in the library (as my mum refers to it, as it is wall to wall books in there!) with a real roaring fire going, and generally enjoying the peace and quiet - well as much as you can with a pack of hounds including my own to look after, but there you go. I vowed that this week I would be Miss Super Blogger and tweeter extraordinaire!! I've got so many things to share, so even though I haven't physically been blogging, it's always been there in the back of my head thinking, "this could go on my blog!!!"
Missed you!!

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