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Monday, 2 July 2012

My final guest blogger is is the lovely Lucy from Capture by Lucy, who has practically become my stalker and one of my new bloggy best friends! Her random emails make my literally laugh out loud everyday and she cheers me up no end - If she hasn't revealed herself as my blog angel by now, well I'll eat my hat quite frankly! (A rather fetching straw trilby number!) As I am not a mummy, I feel unable to talk about mummy fashion, Lucy being a Mummy to two boys (three if you count her husband!) certainly is qualified!

Time to hang up those Mummy no nos!

It wasn't long after my 30th birthday last year that reality suddenly dawned on me. I am a mother, in my thirties, with 2 children.

Not that I am complaining at all, I am a very lucky lady but when I go to get dressed I find that I seem to have less to wear. Not that I have any less clothes in my wardrobe. It's just that since I hit 30 and the realisation that I am not perhaps the yummy mummy type, I see strolling around Clifton Village drinking Costa coffees, I feel there are some fashion no nos.

My top 3 (at the moment - I am sure that over the summer a few more will be added to the list!)

At Number 1
The short denim shorts

OK so mine are turn ups and not cut offs, but as soon as I put them on there is nothing Daisy Duke about me. When you are tucking post baby tummies into denim shorts it's time to put them in the Charity shop pile! They are not even that short once they are on. But still they feel too young, a little too tight no matter how well I am doing at Slimming World and have 'no give' a staple must have for all the fabrics in my wardrobe!

At Number 2:-
The Playsuit
Even though I know they are acceptable for the over 6's because they are in every summer window display, the difficulty in being able to nip to the loo when I have the children entertained is making me reconsider the practicality of a playsuit. I have several. I adore them. They make me feel young, fun and girly until my husband says "are you off to the 1940's for a dip in the ocean?" OK so I admit the navy and white striped number is a little on the vintage nautical side, but the jersey material is so comfortable and the way the fabric is loose around your waist, is much more flattering than a tight vest top.

I am determined to fight my fashion instinct that says they should all go to my younger, slimmer, pre baby bodied sister. Just for one more summer.

Last but by no means least at Number 3:-
The frilly short summer dress

Not only are they too short (who really wants to see next week's washing when you bend over to get a packet of wet wipes out of the changing bag?) but the frill really screams I want to be in my twenties! I love this particular Miss Selfridge (there you go - really not the target market to be in there!) dress and I have great memories about the holidays that I wore it on.
Every time I have worn it in the last year, I find myself constantly tugging at the back of it, as if it will miraculously grow an extra 3 inches! It also flouts the golden rule of either legs or boobs! Not both!
Definitely one for my beautiful sister!

Please tell me if you think I am barking mad! I do hope I haven't offended anyone who is rocking their shorts, playsuits and frilly dresses, I salute you yummy mummies and wish I was one of you!

Hmm I have all these items in my wardrobe and I'm 3 years off 30! Best get some wear out of them then haha! I'm pretty sure Lucy is being far too self critical here, but what do you guys think?

I hope you've enjoyed reading my guest blogger posts and they entertained you whilst I was away. Hopefully they haven't knocked over the best china on their way out, and remembered to water the plants, and you discovered some lovely new blogs to follow!


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  2. Thank you for such a great post again Lucy :)


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