Shhhhhh! Im an angel!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hey don't laugh! I really am an angel! A blog angel a least! I signed up to participate in a secret Blog Angels project created and co-ordinated by Katlyn at The Dreamy Meadow and Rosie at Craftbiotic 
The principle is simple - fill in a form, get "matched" with a blog (like a bloggy dating agency!) and you secretly support them in any way you can.

We are now halfway through and it's time to share our thoughts on how things have been going.
I'll be honest, at first I seriously did not know how I was going to support my new blog, for a number of reasons. I'm not massive in terms of followers, readers, I can't do HTML, and my general presentation is - well the less said about that the better (I like to think we can get pass that in favour of absorbing content!) I was also struggling with my 'match-ups' general outlook as it is quite at odds with my own in many respects, at first glance. A sweet cup of tea and a good peruse later, and I actually had to swallow my words (along with me tea) as it just goes to show 'don't judge a book blah blah blah' as its easy to find commonalities if we are willing to look hard enough. I think this is a good life lesson too!

I don't want to give too much away about what I've been doing but I've been promoting, supporting and linking where I can. At times I have found it difficult to get contact with my blogger, I think I forget not everyone has a smart phone that they are surgically attached to like me, which is bleeping every ten minutes with a new tweet/facebook/email which I am able to instantly reply to, but I keep plugging away - I think for this reason I have been pegged, either that or they think I'm some kind of bloggy stalker super-fan.

In terms of my angel - well I'm pretty sure I have them pegged too! But if I'm right I'll be super super happy, I just hope all the lovely things they've said and done have been genuine, if so I think we may end up being good bloggy friends - which is what it's all about right? The only thing I have noticed about myself, is that I'm so focused on the person I'm supporting, I'm neglecting the people supporting me a little. My suspected angel, probably thinks I'm a rather ignorant little blogger as I've not always responded promptly (sometimes at all) not just to them, but to other people on my blog. So as well as giving my secret soul some loving, I'm going to give my angels - not just my suspected secret one but all of them - some loving!


  1. i love this idea of being an "angel!"
    i love supporting my fellow small bloggers -- gotta stick together! might even think about becoming one myself :)


    1. You definitely should! We're doing it again in August. I'm just off to check out your blog!


  2. It's awesome that you managed to find stuff in common with your blog buddy. I bet you're being an awesome's great that you are finding your balance too. It's not all about the numbers either...EVERYONE has something to offer: time is precious. Thank you so much for giving your time.

    Rosie x x

  3. Love your idea!

  4. So glad that you are having fun with Blog Angels as well as learning a little bit about digging deep into blogs to find something you may not have known about. Balance with everything can be a difficult thing (believe me) but you'll get the hang of it! Thank you so much for participating love!


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