Charity Shop Haul - Again!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More thrifty hauling going on here - I'm starting to wonder if I have some sort of problem!
These were not all bought on the same trip or even in the same month - this is pretyt much what I have bought since my last haul.

2 floral tops £1 each

L-R F&F Linen Shirt, Miss Selfridge Foral Shirt, Topshop Polka dot top,
Topshop Blue Vest all £1

L-R Topshort button vest, Topshop Navy Tee, Nautical Striped Vest
(possibly Primark but the label was cut out) I can't recall the prices

L-R: Goerge ditsy print top, Miss Selfridge Lacy top,
Primark Vintage Pink dual layered blouse £3.00 - this is one of my exceptions to my
Primark rules as it was so pretty!

L-R New Look Dress, £2, BNWT, New Look Top, 20p Topshop
Denim Skirt, £2.50 Scarf 20p
All car boot

Vintage Clutch Purse £5. This is certianly vintage, you can tell by the interior
fabric and the metal fastenings.

Jumper Abercrombie & Fitch £1, Dress Matalan £2
Car Boot

My beautiful vintage cases! They cost me £25 for the pair which is really cheap as they seem to be so expensive everywhere right now. They go perfectly in my bedroom. I'm going to use them to store summer clothes in to save space in my wardrobes.

As I do a lot of charity shopping, I'm considering doing a post on my charity shop tips. Obviously there are lots of bloggers out there who have done similar, but these would be the things that I do. Please leave comments below if this is a post you would be interested in reading!


  1. I'm so jealous! I never find anything remotely nice in charity shops. Apart from a hat this one time....

    1. I'm certianly a rummager! And as I said this was over time. I'm going to do a tips post and hopefully you may find some more gems :)

  2. I definitely be interested in reading a post on your ideas! Such a good haul here:) x

    1. Thanks! Thats a post idea on my list in my new notebook :)

  3. You're such a bargain , looks like some lovely tops you got there! Yes I would love to hear your tips, I'm always a bit overwhelmed whenever I look through a charity shop and find myself seeking shelter in the book section! xxx

    1. Thats a great place to start Becca (and hide if you're a bit of a closet charity shopper!)

  4. You have got some fab buys :) Love those suitcases!

  5. Love this! Saw some suitcases just like those in the thrift store in New Jersey for $3.99 but can't get them home! Link up with #MagpieMonday!

    1. At first I thought this was some USA fraudster impersonating my lovely Lucy - now I realise you've american-ised by you're bro's wedding haha!
      I will link up with magpiemonday! Where do i find it?


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