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Thursday, 21 June 2012

You may have heard me mention that it was my birthday coming up. I wasn't going to do this post at first as I thought it may be a bit braggy, but a couple of people have asked, and I actually didn't get mountains of things so I figured it would be ok.

My birthday fell on the Sunday, which meant I got a full weekend of Birthday-ness. On the Friday, my other half took me to TGI Fridays, for ribs and shrimp. We were going to go and see The Avengers, but we were both quite tired afterwards. We intended to go another night but it didn't happen!

I spent Saturday with my parents, thrift shopping (look out for this coming up), and then they took me for a gorgeous pub lunch at The Royal Oak, in Hurdlow, which is at the end of the Tissington Trail. I wish I had took a photo to show you, as the steak and ale pie I had was HUGE!! With homemade chips veggies and gravy. I was really stuffed, but it was absolutely fantastic.

On Sunday (my actual birthday) I got breakfast and presents in bed, and a takeaway curry in the evening, and a lovely afternoon walk with the pup.

So here are the gifts I received - I'll be honest, I picked most of them myself. As we were due to go on holiday, my other half couldn't afford to risk buying me something I didn't like,so he asked me to pick what I wanted.

'Almost'-Alexa Bag from, Fifty Shades of Grey,
Kinky Cupcakes book, Silver Charm Bracelet, IPhone Cover, Kindle cover, Notepad, Vintage Suitcase

The iphone cover and kindle cover were both bought from Etsy. You may have seen this cover
when I linked up to Current Crush Thursdays. My friend bought my the notepad for
blog ideas - she's the only person who knows about my blog (aside from my other half)

This is an example of one of the cupcakes in the Kinky Cupcakes book.
 Do you like posts like this? Or are you generally not interested in someones birthday gifts?


  1. I love this kind of post. I think blogs should be a way of having fashion, beauty and lifestyle in a personal way, and this does it perfectly. I was planning to do one for mine in two weeks so I wouldnt worry :)

    I love that cupcake book. Im very tempted to make some now haha nom nom nom.

    You'll love 50 shades of Grey. Let me know what you think because theres mixed reviews :)

    Hope your living it up in Cuba

  2. I love posts about birthday and Christmas gifts, I'm really nosy like that! You got some lovely ones, especially the bag, and 50 Shades of Grey is a really good read! Glad you had a brilliant weekend :) x

  3. happy early birthday, my dear! i hope it is as wonderful as your lovely little blog, and that you receive everything you wish for :)
    really love the almost-alexa bag, by the way! ONE DAY i will save up my pennies for an actual one! ha ha!


    1. I would certainly love a real Alexa bag - but until I'm a world famous fashion blogger/millionaire this will do in the meantime lol

  4. Happy Birthday, lovely! I love seeing what gifts people get, yours are all lovely :) The bag is so nice, and I bought 50 shades of grey the other day to see what it's like. You'll have to let us know what you think :)
    I hope you're having a good day :) xxx

  5. Love nosey posts! As you get older you seem to get less presents to open (well I do anyway!) so lovely to see what everyone else gets!
    xx ps lush bag!

  6. My best friend bought my the 50 shades book as she had seen it in a magazine talking about "must reads" - she hadn't heard anything about it. Whilst I've been away it's gone completely mental! it's 50 shades amania everywhere! Needless to say my friend has asked to "borrow" my copy! Indian giver lol


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