Wet Weather Style Advice

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The weather in the UK has been awful recently – we Brits always seem to be moaning about the weather don’t we.? After guest tweeting for Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers I thought I’d do a post on my tips for wet weather style.

Wear colour! Just because the weather is depressing doesn’t mean your clothes have to be. Don’t be scared to wear something bright and fun, such as a bright trench coat, a scarf or wellington boots.

A cute umbrella can be an accessory all of its own. There are so many cheap umbrellas available so you could buy a couple to match your outfit. Why not try a Cath Kidston inspired one for a vintage look or a colour pop umbrella for something more modern?.

Be careful of what you do wear in the rain. Water usually ruins suede (which is a shame as my favourite riding boots are suede) and ballet flats are a no go either – you will end up with a puddle in the bottom of your shoe! Avoid long flappy jeans, such as a bootcut, as they will get wet on the bottom and it will slowly seep up your leg as the day goes on. It's even worse when you get home and take off your shoes!! Stick to skinny jeans if you must wear them.

Wear a dress! Just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress with some tights or leggings underneath – this solves the whole wet jeans issue too. Tights and leggings dry much quicker, and you can always pop a spare pair in your bag.

Wellington boots are both cute and practical – for walking in! They are not exactly suitable office attire or for shopping in. Either swap them once you reach your destination or invest in some good quality leather boots. These come in so many varieties – biker; cowboy; riding; knee; ankle; flat; heeled the list is endless depending on the look you are going for.

Try to wear an over the shoulder bag. Trying to carry a handbag plus umbrella whilst your phone is ringing is going to result in the umbrella coming away from your head and you getting wet when it all runs off! Make sure your bag is waterproof, leather or pleather. Fabric or canvas totes will not work here.

Makeup tips
Stay away from liquid foundation, which has a tendency to “run” and therefore not last as long

Add a little more makeup than normal, for all products. No matter how hard you try some will come off. Be sure to add layers to your foundation.

It sounds obvious but always wear waterproof mascara/eyeliner. Black rivers running down your face is not attractive and no matter how much or how little it is raining, some will go in your eyes!

Carry tissues for blotting you face and a general tidy up

Wear face primer and eye primer – this will give your products more staying power when the showers come.

Hair tips
Hats and scarves look really cool and have the added bonus of protecting your hair.

If you have long hair, wear your hair up. If it gets rained on a bit, hair can simply air dry in place, and it is also easier to keep an updo dry under an umbrella.

If your hair is short wear some Kirby grips to pin parts of it up – for example a fringe that may go wavy.

 What are your wet weather style tips? What have you been wearing through all this wet weather?


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