Supermarket Sweep

Friday, 18 May 2012

It's time for my pick of the Supermarket Clothing lines this week - here's what could be going into your trolley whilst doing the big shop this weekend

Cherry Print Handbag £12.00
G21 Bird Print Peg Leg Trousers £14.00
G21 Neon Trim Blazer £14.00
Weaved Ballerina Shoes £8.00
Striped Canvas Bag £7.00
Barabara Hulanicki Printed Leggings £8 
Butterfly Maxi Dress £14.00

F&F Corsage Strappy Sandal £10.00

F&F Dipped Hem Jersey Skirt £10.00

F&F Limited Edition Tribal Print Dress £28.00
F&F Polka Dot Sling Back Neck Bikini Top £8.00

F&F Polka Dot Roll Down Bikin Brief £5.00

F&F Spot Print Dress £8.00

F&F Textured Cable Knit Jumper £12.00

 Happy Supermarket Shopping Ladies!


  1. My friend always finds such good items in Tesco but I don't really live near any that sell clothes! Love the tribal print dress, might have a pop online and see if I can get it! x

  2. I have a feeling that dress may be an online exclusive actually so you might be able to pick something up that even your friend can't get :)

  3. I like the striped bag, it looks very nautical! I don't often buy clothes from supermarkets but recently Sainsburry's have opened a clothing range in my loacal store. I've seen some lovely pieces! Nice post idea! :)



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