Lush Haul and Pheonix Rising Review

Monday, 21 May 2012

I went to Lush!! I decided I needed a little pick me up and I got the waft of the shop as I walked past and I was enticed in!

Lush have recently held a contraversial campaign Against Animal Testing which I'm sure you have seen, but thats the inspiration around the current packaging.

I have to be honest I'm not fully keen on the new packaging. I think the campaign is a worthy cause, but personally I liked the bright yellow happy sunny packaging - but they still look enticing all wrapped up in the bag - just waiting for you to dive in and pull something out! Like an upmarket bran tub! Who knows what you may pull out!

Well here's exactly what I pulled out!

Top L-R Pheonix Rising Bath Bomb £3.15; You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt £2.95
Butterball Bath Bomb £2.40
Bottom L-R Tulip Reuseable Bubble Bar £4.95 Green Bubbleroon £3.25;
Yazoo & Coco Bubbleroon £2.95

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub £4.95
I have had dry lips of late that lip balms are not quite sorting out so I bought this lip scrub to help smooth them off for my lovely summer shimmery lip glosses!
Bubblesroons - The Green looks more green in this picture

I have used this re-useable bubble bar already and I'm going to do a review about it shortly.

These are two old favourites of mine. I like putting half of a You've Been Mangoed and Half and Avobath in together.

One thing I do need to mention about Lush is their staff - they are so lovely and enthusiastic. No matter how reluctant you are, they manage to engage you in conversation. It was thanks to the lady in my local Lush store that I even heard about the Instyle Nails Inc polishes!
She suggested I try the Pheonix Rising bath bomb. I'm not sure Lush would be overly happy with her description of it but it's just perfect. It's got a spicy scent, that may remind you of Christmas, but it makes me think of Asian Spices, or maybe what a Abu Dhabi Souk Market may smell like (its even the same colour as Carrie's skirt from that famous moment where she lays eyes on Aiden again!) and she described it as a "self-pity bath bomb". When you really want to feel sorry for yourself and be wrapped in a big purple hug. This bath bomb is exactly that. It's just warming and satisfying in that way. The purple outer gives way to a green centre, which really fizzes! The purple takes longer to fizz so it lasts well.

Have you tried any of these bath bombs?


  1. So jealous of this, I'm all out of Lush with no money to shop! I agree, the staff in there are lovely - last time I went in, one of them gave me a free sample of shampoo (I'm sure it was a general thing and not just him being super-nice to me, but still!) x

    1. I got a sample of some shaving stuff for my OH but that was because I asked. I think it just depends :)

  2. These are all so deliciously looking (even if used for bath). I like Lush products! X

  3. I like Lush products but their anti-animal testing campaign is getting on my last nerve.
    As a vegetarian I believe animals should NEVER be tested on in this day and age. Even for medical purposes. However, I don't lock myself in a cage for an hour each day (the Nottingham staff take turns doing that and look like fools) or stand in window displays being subjected to degrading treatment.
    We all get it, animal testing is HORRIBLE but I feel Lush are going too far in their campaign. It almost puts me off their products completely....

    1. I thought it was a one off demonstration for their campaign I didn't realise it was still going on like that.
      I just wasn't keen on the dull and miserable packaging when I go into Lush to be cheered up lol. But as you said we are all aware of the issues of animal testing but I agree it doesn't need ramming down our thoughts all the time
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. ahh i love everything about lush! i completely agree -- the staff is all very friendly. one time i popped in there, i had a 20+ minute conversation with a girl about blogs, and we ended up adding each other. we still talk to this day!
    i need to make a trip there soon -- unfortunately the nearest one is 2.5 hours away :(
    in the united states, it's totally useless buying their things online, as your order always ends up somewhat damaged (as much as i hate to say it!)
    really love your blog! i'm officially suscribed :)
    take care, i hope to hear from you soon!


  5. these products looks literally "lush" i love the sweet lips lip scrub! :)


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