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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Disclaimer: These are just my opinions based on my own experiences, it is not designed in any way to cause offence, so please don't leave just plain nasty comments (that means you anonymous) but leave comments that are thought provoking and meaningful. Thank You

Long hair or short hair? Which is better? Which is sexier?Which is prettier?

There's a general consensus, that long hair is more preferable on a woman than short hair, as it is prettier, more feminine, whereas short hair has a reputation of being sexy, powerful, masculine almost. But can short hair be pretty too?

I've had my hair short for quite some time now. I first went for the chop when I was about 13 years old. I was a bit of a tomboy and never really looked after my hair, so my Mum decided that it would be better for me to have it cut short so it was easier to look after.

Admittedly, my early haircuts were not in any way 'sexy' or 'pretty' and probably bordered on the more 'masculine' trend, which is not really a great look when you're going through puberty, and on the skinny, flat chested side.

I went through a stage of growing my hair out - mostly because I was at university and a skint student. However, if you have read my About Me page, you will have realised I easily get bored, so this period of my life was rather short lived once I returned home and stating earning an honest living again. Admittedly, long hair in my 20s was not a good look for me, my hair is naturally fine, thin and flat and needs all the extra oomph it can get through layering, so in that respect I'm better off being short, but it doesn't mean I can't want more does it?

Sexy Hair
Since going short for the second time - my hair has had many further guises - a fringe here, a side chopped off there - but are any of them actually pretty? I feel the pictures of myself I would describe as pretty, tend to be when  my hair is that extra bit longer in some way or another. I also think the colour makes the a difference - again the "pretty" styles tend to be in the brunette, or in my 'natural shade' rather than in bright red or very white blonde.

Pretty Hair

Or is it nothing to do with the hair? Is it the clothes? The make up? I can happily go out without make up, as long as my hair is done. But again, I find that I look very dressed down in a jeans and hoodie, whereas my friend with beautiful long wavy locks is still able to 'pretty' up the same outfit with the same level of minimal effort. Or is this insecurity?
The one thing that can be said for short hair is that it creates an identity - a memory. I'm notorious for being "the girl with the really short hair that changes colour alot." (actually maybe that's nothing to do with the length at all) But I think short hair creates an air of confidence. Long hair can be used as a bit of a mask, a cover up, whereas with short hair, it's all there on show - no hiding that big spot behind a long fringe, you've got to stand up tall and show off all your features.

Many a celeb has made the change from long to short - most for the better - although there are some Demi Moore/Natalie Portman who really shouldn't have gone for the chop! (yes yes i know it was for a film!!)

Short - most certainly not pretty!! Long - pretty.

Sienna Miller manages to pull of both lengths in her own unique boho way. The short hair makes her look slightly older, but almost more effortlessly stylish - like she just stepped out of her shower looking like that.

When little Emma Watson went for the chop after finishing filming Harry Potter - the fashion world gasped! The little 11 geeky 11 year old we had all watched grow up in front of our eyes, had finally become a woman! Remember the pictures of her at the finale premiere? Wowzers! Hermoine Granger she was not!

But do we associate short hair with "being old"? I remember my Mum going short for the first time in her later 20s early 30s when she had me at around 9-10 and my brother who was about 2-3 years old at the time, and just didn't have time to do anything but wash and go. Is going short for Mums and high fashionistas?

Of all the celebs that did go short, Michelle Williams got it bang on the money and is my hair-style icon. Her long hair covers her petite features and looks thin and makes her look - well a bit dowdy! The sort looks classic, timeless, effortless and yes I would say pretty!

This opinion piece was never meant to reach a conclusion, just make yours and my own thoughts hum about our preconceptions about long or short hair.

Finally I'll leave you with the woman, who manages to make both long and short hair look pretty and sexy in equal measure.


  1. I prefer midlength (i know this doesnt help - sorry!) - i.e a longer bob. My fiance likes me with long hair and keeps encouraging me to grow it but to be honest I am now getting so fed up with the amount of time it takes to style/dry. I've never had a pixie style cut, I think my face is too round.
    I LOVE yours in the first brunette pic of the 'sexy hair' pics. Colour suits you really well.

    1. Haha - there's no right or wrong answer really. The post was inspired by a blog comment when someone said my hair was pretty - no one has ever really referred to my hair as pretty which got me thinking.

      Thank you very much - I'm liking the blonde right now - I do need some more photos of it though :)

  2. I prefer my hair long - but that's only because I don't think my face suits short hair. I do think face shape determines what style suits different people :)

    Great post!

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  3. I try never to have my hair longer than my jaw line. Long hair just doesn't suit me. I have fine hair but a LOT of it so it just hangs like some shapeless blob. I'm a natural red head, but I've been brunette and I'm currently blonde. I think as long as you wear some confidence with it you'll always look great! x

    1. My hair is really similar Helen which is why I tend to keep it short. I think I feel more confident with short hair as well. Having my hair 'done' is for me like wearning mascara is for other people I think lol

  4. I like long hair - but apparently I have a weird shaped hear so I'd rather not make that more obvious! x

    1. Hahaha this made me chuckle out loud to myself!

  5. Lovely post, personally I prefer my hair long because I don't think it would suit me shorter although I've never actually tried it! It all depends on what you like best and how you feel comfortable


  6. Well, I'll start by saying that I think brunette suits you really well, I love the third one at the start especially! And the pretty one with the flower in your hair.
    I had long hair until I was about 19, then I went super short (with the back cropped very close to the scalp) and a variety of fringes over the next year or so. I also went blonde while I had short hair, because as a brunette I always longed for blonde hair! I found that while my hair was short I was a lot more self conscious: like you said, I felt that my friends with long hair looked much nicer dressed down than I did. But I think that was definitly because I didn't have the 'protection' of my long hair to hide behind. I am now back to brunette because it suits me better, and blonde was too expensive for me! And my hair is taking its sweet time growing back so it's mid length now. Sorry this is so long!

    Anyway, like Helen said above, I definitely think that if you feel confident, youll look awesome no matter what length or colour your hair is!

    1. Aww thank you :) - this was not intended to be a compliments exercise but its working out quite well lol
      My hair went super super short too - I look back on those photos in horror lol

      Don't worry about it being long,I love reading and responding to all my comments so its great to hear someones thoguhts! It sounds like you've gone through a similar process to me, although kudos to you for growing it out, I've resigned myself to the fact that I quite frankly can't be bothered and think its so thin, it doesn'tactually suit me that much anyway lol.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment :)

  7. I reckon you should go for short hair, but its up to you- i bet it will look lovely whatever you choose darl. But i love your brilliant blog!i follow you so please visit and follow my blog everyone<3
    thank youu!:)x

  8. I prefer mid to long hair but that's my own opinion! I think it is more versatile and feminine but that might just be cos I've never had mega short hair! ;) xx

    1. Ooo contraversial Sophie! Lol you are right thought, long hair is so much more versatile than short - thats why I change the colour so much out of boredom lol

  9. wow you've had a lot of different hairstyles! I love experimenting with hair, I think it's a really good thing to do cos it can take a while to find your perfect look :) I don't think that long or short hair are sexier, it all depends on the person! Short hair only suits certain face shapes in my opinion, it looks gorgeous on you, I really liked it when you had it longer on one side :) I could never have really short hair as my ears are too big haha! My hair's never been much longer than shoulder length, it's so difficult to keep long hair in good condition.
    Love Holz oxo

    1. It still is longer on one side now :) I want to try to make it wavy/curly.I saw a girl in H&M today with the same style and colour but it was all wavy and looked dead funky.
      I think your right short hair does suit certian face shapes better - I have a friend who really should cut her hair shorter in my opinion or put a fringe or something as I think it would suit her face much better than her current style but shes happy and feels comfortable and thats important too :)
      I commented on your post about hair dying - I think the reason mine has stood up to the dying abuse is because its short ot has to be cut more regularly and this cuts the dryness out. Sorry bit of an essay repsonse lol!

  10. I love that short haircut! Lucky girl that you can pull off all of those styles so well. Found you on the blog hop, please follow back. :)

    1. Thanks CJ - Maybe I should upload one from when I was 12 and had a dodgy perm lol - then I'm sure you wouldn't say that haha. Thanks for stopping by :) I like to know how people have come across my blog


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