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Thursday, 31 May 2012

This is a bit of a cop out post as I've got so many to come but I've got lots of photo editing to do first.
Sunday - messy desk; Monday - new product discovery; Tuesday - my beautiful pup watching me get ready for work; Wednesday - cake for my boyfriend's birthday; Thursday - gripe water for a friend; Friday - work coffee and muffin;
Saturday - a hint of things to come; Saturday night - rock and roll night in!; Sunday - best start to a sunday morning
1. I should have been working, instead I was tweeting and debating with the lovely girls from F.B.L. 2. I discovered Fudge purple shampoo for blondes. As a recent blonde I'm still discovering products. I'll discuss this more in a later post.
3. My gorgeous Labrador Toby, who will be 1 year old in June. He loves laying on the sheepskin rug in my bedroom in front of the radiator whilst I get ready.
4. The death by chocolate cake I made for my fiancée's 29th birthday, which I topped with a fondant version of Toby and our cat, Star. Not my best effort aesthetically, but tasted great. I'll be trying this again.
5. No I don't have a baby, but my 4 month old godson suffers with colic. Gripe water is currently hard to come by but another friend of mine had a full bottle still which she didn't use!! I saved my friend £20 (that's the current price on ebay!!!)
6. Friday workday treat - latte and a blueberry muffin.
7. A hint of future posts to come in the coming week or so.
8.. My rock and roll night in with my kindle!
9. The only way to start a rainy Sunday morning - whilst perusing some blogs of course!
I've got lots of beauty and fashion blog posts planned so stick with me :)

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