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Sunday, 20 May 2012

I claim to be a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, yet I've noticed there has been a distinct lack of the lifestyle element of late.

I thought I would do almost a mini home tour, and show you some of my choice pieces that feature in my Kitchen and Bathroom - my two favourite rooms in my house. Some things have been bought to go with the general look and design, but most come attached with a fond memory in some way.


My Bathroom has a very strong seaside theme - and that's the first thing everyone comments on when they visit! It's my favourite place to relax, and by the time I've got a bubblegum scented bathbomb in there, it conjures up childhood memories of winter evenings, eating fish and chips followed by candyfloss on the seafront whilst getting wet from sea spray.

The little beach hut money box reminds me of an east coast family holiday resort we visited all the time when I was a child, and they had a row of beach huts just like this on the sea front. I saw this and the little boat in a little shop in Whitby, but didn't buy them at the time as it was such a tiny shop and was really busy, but then I found them in a shop in my local shopping centre and snapped them up - but I like to think I really bought them in Whitby! The candle in the glass was from the same place, but I added some seashells I've collected over the many years of visiting English seaside towns.

These pictures were all purchased - the row of three is from Dunelm, and the 'Beach' sign is from Debenhams. The row of three pictures always makes me smile, as a friend of mine was particularly taken by them, as her father, who was in the Merchant Navy, had recently died, and she wanted to theme her spare room in memory of them, and she fell in love with these three.

These two little beach hut door hangers were bought for purely practical reasons rather than anything else, so they don't have a specific memory attached to them, but I love them all the same! Everything is equal in my home.

This is a canvas painting that cost me about £6 when I was on holiday in Greece last year, that I had framed. My boyfriend and I bought it when we visited a little island called Nisyros, which is actually a dormant volcano, and when went right down into the 'caldera'. This was one of the most relaxing and beautiful holidays I have been on, and this picture reminds me of those warm and relaxing days through the British winter. It was intended to go in our bedroom, but we decided to put it in our Bathroom, and I love looking at it whilst taking a bath or shower.


I spend hours and hours in my kitchen. If I had a TV in there I would probably never go in my living room! I love sitting at my breakfast bar, looking out of the french patio doors onto the garden whilst working blogging on my laptop listening to something relaxing on the radio. Currently I can hear the birds tweeting away too. Blissful!

My Kitchen is full of kitsch little items like these. The pictures and the oil lantern were bought for me as gifts by one of best friends. The little one says "Friends are Heavenly". You may recognise the little teapot from my Tea For One post. I'm still searching for the right candle to go in my little birdcage. I love vintage style birdcages and wish I had other places to put them!

The pink spotty vase is a very recent charity shop find, so it may get relocated yet. My friend spotted it and picked it up telling me I "needed to get it" for my kitchen! My kitchen is becoming notorious amongst friends and family! At only £1 though she was right! The blue tin jug came from Wilkinson's out of their bathroom section and normally has flowers in, but as my fiancee is away I'll have to buy some flowers to myself, as its normally his little job to keep this filled.

The cake stand, which features in one of my Sunday Sweetness posts, where you can see the pattern much better, was bought as Christmas gift for me by my Mum and Dad, as they know how much I love them, as does my Mum. We are now currently working on getting the full matching tea service via car boots, charity shops and eBay. The tea cup seen here was one left to me by my great grandmother. It doesn't actually match the saucer, but it was the one she always gave me when I visited (probably because it didn't matter that it matched so it didn't matter if I broke it maybe) but my mum made sure it came to me when I had my own home to put it in.

The heavy Victorian iron that I use as a bookstand has been in our family for as long as I can remember. My Dad bought it home and painted it up and picked out all the lettering and gave it to my Mum, along with some matching weights that I am trying to hunt out, as a gift. My Mum used it as a doorstop, but I prefer to use it to hold all my cook and baking books up. My tins were from Tesco and match my Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Utensils jars, Teacups, tea towels and another cake stand. There's usually some lovely goodies in this tin, who knows what you may find! It's a favourite with visiting children!

Finally is the sign that hangs above my patio doors off my kitchen into the garden. I saw this and loved it but couldn't think where it would go, but my friend talked me into to it and told me exactly where to put it. She was right, its the perfect space, and it makes everyone, especially me smile, as that is exactly what we get our Labrador to do when he comes in from the garden! He has to sit on the towel that is used as his door mat when he comes in so he can wipe the excess mud off his paws. He's quite used to this and it saves my floors and carpets!

I hope you enjoyed my mini home highlights and some of the stories that go with them. Please elt me know what you think in the comments :)


  1. Aww, it is well sweet. You should do more post like this. Definitely love your blog. xo

    1. Thank you so much - I'm glad you liked it :)

  2. Such a cute home. I love everything nautical, it reminds me of all the sailing I did when I was younger and makes me want to be near the sea. Cute post.



    1. Me 2 - not just in my home I love wearing nautical too! Now you've said that I think my obsession goes back to npot just family seaside holidays bt the summer I spent on my aunties boat down in Devon when I turned 16 - it was one of thos eamazing summers that just stays with you.

  3. Love all these cute elements to your home!

  4. Because I live in a pig sty (aka a student house) it's so refreshing to see such a lovely house! I love the beach theme in the bathroom x

    1. Oh I remember student living with both fondness and horror! Lol - I had a big notice board in my room with so many things pinned on it like a tshirt from the pub I worked in before I left that everyone had signed, tickets, wristbands, postcard all those little things you collect as a student, all surrounded by pink fairy lights lol. I loved that board, but not sure it would be so appropriate now - maybe in a spare room haha. x


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