Sunday Sweetness

Monday, 9 April 2012

Here's a quick Sunday Sweetness post for an Easter Bank Holiday.

I made a batch of 12 cupcakes from my favoured basic recipe and whipped up the vanilla buttercream. The butterfly cupcakes have jam inside as an added bonus (I just cut off the topped and dropped a spoonful in and stuck the top back on) The butterfly cakes were from the My Cake Decorating magazine. If you haven't seen this and you are into baking then it's really worth a look. The first issue which the cutters and glitter (plus a cardboard cake stand) came with was only 99p and after that it's only £1.99 per week, which is much cheaper than most subscription magazines, and when you consider the glitter on its own sells for around £2.50, you really are getting a bargain!

The Easter cupcakes were a last minute decision, as I realised the butterfly cakes looked better with two on each, and I didn't have enough for the whole batch. I added some cocoa powder mixed with water (to form a paste) and a touch more icing sugar to the buttercream and piped it on top and then decorated with mini eggs.

I think all together they make a nice effect though - very spring like!

Also, what do you think to my bargain cake stand? £6 down from £12 from Tesco. It matches all my tea, coffee, sugar utensil jars and tins and tea towels in my kitchen so it was a great addition all round!

I also made two of our old family favourites from my copy of the be-ro my mum gave me when I moved out - Nutty Flapjack and Australian Crunchie. Eating both of these stirs up childhood memories for me of caravan holidays in England in the pouring rain, and my Mum would always make these to take with us as a treat. At the time I thought this was dead naff, but now I see how much fun we did have, and I'm planning for me, my other half and our dog to have a stay-cation, involving lots of walking via country pubs! The dog will love it come rain or shine, my other half, well that's another story!

Anyway, have you used the bank holiday to do any baking? Easter inspired or otherwise?


  1. They look really tasty!
    I just wanted to say thank you for your comment over on my blog. Unfortunately I managed to delete it because blogger changed the way they moderate comments so the buttons had all been switched around. I wasn't best pleased I can tell you.
    Anyway, your hampers sound great!

    1. Thank you for taking the time and effort to come over here :)
      As you can see I'm a bit wet behind the ears ay all this so its even more appreciated :)


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