Primark Haul April 2012

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I've seen people do haul's on youtube. I'm not a youtuber, but I thought I would share some of the things I've bought from Primark recently.

I didn't actually buy all these items in one trip, and they have come from 3 different Primarks near me. (I'm lucky to live in the East Midlands and really accessible to lots of places)

So on with the haul!

I picked up these two ruffley vests. One because I'm becoming slightly obsessed with anything peachy or coraly. Every since dying my hair blonde from red it has opened up a whole new world of pinkness to me!
Anyway I also bough a cream one. The peachy one looks nice under my H&M denim shirt too. These were both £3 and come in other colours too.

This batwing cardy was an a bargain! It looks black, and I thought it was too in the shop. It wasn't until I got home and put it next to a black vest (and checked the label!) I realised it as chocolate, which is probably a good things as I have far too many black cardy's anyway. This was £5 in the sale down from £10.

As well as pinks, I'm slightly obsessed with lace, I've gone rather girly all of a sudden! These were both £10. 

Spotty sleeveless sheer blouse £8

Another bargain jumper! I bought this jumper in beige with blue stripes for £10 when it was full price. It had £5 scribbles on the tag. It was in a 12, but I like it to be baggy. I got to the till and it was £2!!!! Bargain! I don't remember seeing this colour when I bought the blue otherwise I probably would have bought it then. And it actually isn't that baggy either.

This blazer was in the sale, £5 down from £10. It was on a size 10 hanger and it wasn't until I was in the queue I realised it was a size 8, but I figured, it was Ok if I couldn't button it up, and the little brooch was cute too. Anyway when I got it home it fits perfect! The chocolate cardigan further up was a size 10, so it just demonstrates Primark's inconsistency in sizing! Unlike me, always try on!!

Lacy insert t-shirt £10.

I also bought two pairs of flip flops for £6. I saw the blue and white striped bow flip flops on Zoella's Youtube Primark Haul and was determined to go find them afterwards. I ended up buying the floraly vintagey looking ones too.

I also randomly picked up these two scarf headbands for £3. I have short hair so I like hair accessories, as I can't do much else with it (I also look about 12 if I grow it, it suits me this way, it's ok I'm fine with really I am!)

 I have a slight confession to make in that I didn't end up paying for the cream floral one, as the man at the till didn't scan it. This wasn't intentionally thievery! I didn't realise until I got home, and to go back would hardly have been worth it for what it cost.

I also bought four basic vest tops, with the adjustable straps for £2 each, in black white cream and rose pink, but these are currently in the wash so can't show them to you. I must go back and get a navy one too. These little tops are great to wear under other things as they are really clingy and suck everything in!

Have you got any bargains from Primark lately? Do you love or loath haul posts?


  1. great items. love the first ones in peach...

    x Daisy


    1. Thanks :) Its bad - I am actually getting addicted to this colour!

  2. Nice Haul :)


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