Homemade Bath Bombs Gift Idea

Sunday, 22 April 2012

It was my Mum's birthday this week, and continuing with the theme I seem to have created so far everyone having something homemade, I decided to do the same. My Mum hasn't got a particularly sweet tooth so I decided not to bake something, and instead made some home made bath bombs for her.

There's various recipes on the internet, but a lot use citric acid which can be hard to find sometimes. Its worth remembering that you can convert any recipe using citric acid, by using half the amount of cream tartar. (E.g if the recipe calls for 2 tbsp of citric acid use only 1 tbsp of cream of tartar)

Here's the recipe:-
  • 4 tbsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 tbsp of cream of tartar
  • 1 tbsp oil (I used olive, you could use almond coconut etc, but I had olive oil in my cupboard)
  • 1 -2 drops food colouring
  • 10 drops of essential oils (I used orange. Lavender is really good for this, but personally I don't like it)
  • Liquid Witch Hazel in a spray bottle
  • Moulds - you can buy specialist moulds, I used buncases and a silicon ice cube tray.
  • You can also add dried flowers too.

You can pick up the food colouring, bicarb and cream of tartar in the baking section of most large supermarkets, as with the olive oil (yes this is actual olive oil you cook with!) I picked up the essential oils in Holland and Barrett and the witch hazel from a local pharmacy, but I'm sure you'll be able to pick it up in Boots. The Spray bottle was one of those that come with the little travel kits for decanting things into.

This made one heart shaped bomb and one cupcake.

Its really important you keep everything dry!!

1: Mix the bicarb and the cream of tartar in a bowl together
2: Add the food colouring - if you look in the picture below at the ones that should be red, I added the oil first and it started to clump together so the food colouring didn't mix in properly. I learnt to put the food colouring in first when I did the blue ones - be careful this doesn't set the fizzing off though.
3: Stir in the oils, and the flowers if using.
4: Spray on your witch hazel and stir quickly until the mixture goes crumbly
5: Pack the mixture into the moulds, nice and tight and leave in an airing cupboard or somewhere dry overnight
They're now ready to use!

I forgot to take photos as I was making them, but here they are in the 'moulds'

The silicone ice cube trays make it easy to get the bombs out.

I wrapped them in the tissue paper I had left over from my from my friend's birthday gift, and used some ribbon I'd save off a bath girft set I received for Christmas.


Lush use vintage scarfs as gift wrap for their products, which means the recipient gets two gifts in onr, so I thought this would be a nice way to package my bath bombs too! I picked up this scarf in the charity shop for 50p, and although its too small to wear it will look cute tied on a handbag.

There are a number of video's on Youtube that can demonstrate how to tie this better than I can, but it's not difficult. Using a scarf in this way is called a "knot wrap".

It should have been tied into a big bow, but the scarf was too small to do this. 

 I also got her a necklace. This was was from Tesco and was about £6, which I don't think is expensive when it's a gift, but by taking the label off, and putting it in a box with some tissue paper, it makes it look much more expensive. I also got a her a CD, but I'm sure you're not really interested in my Mum's taste in music!

Well, there you go, a homemade gift, and a way to amke something fairly cheap look much more expensive.

What do you think about homemade gifts? Do you think its just cheap, or more thoughtful?


  1. I think it's more thoughtful but then I guess it depends on what it is. I'd probably prefer a homemade cake over a shop bought one for example. I might try to make some bath bombs though, it sounds like fun! :) xo

  2. I do tend to make cakes for people a lot but as my mum isn't really into cake - she prefers cheese lol - I went for something different.
    I want to try these again with better moulds and maybe some glitter in too!
    Thanks for coming over to comment x

  3. Amazing idea to make home made bath products :) great post, I hope you will follow my blog :)



  4. Super cute idea! Love it! It was just my boyfriends birthday, I so wish I had made these for him!

    The Urban Umbrella


  5. Such a good idea!! I love stuff like this!! Deff need to remember this next times someone's birthday comes around xx

  6. Thanks girls - would love to see how you get on too

  7. Definitely thoughtful! I always appreciate the effort that goes into thing like this! as if some one who tht doesnt care much for u would put in that much time n effort to make u something! these are super cute btw! I love the scarf idea!

  8. I like homemade gifts, it's nice when someone's put in the time and effort rather than buying the first thing they see - although obviously, bought gifts can be nice too if chosen carefully! ;D
    I definitely need to have a go at making bath bombs, thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    Jesss xo


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