DIY Leopard Print Nails

Monday, 9 April 2012

I wanted to share a pic of my leopard prints nails that I did myself.

I used to wear false nails all the time but couldn't afford the upkeep so had them removed. Now its coming to summer and I'm thinking about my holiday, I miss having lovely nails.

I bought a nailene gel nail kit from Asda for about £12. The set comes with 24 white tips and 24 natural tips. I put the white tips on first, but this was a bit of a disaster, as you can see the join between my real nail and the tip, and when I filed the join I accidentally filed some of the white off.
I took them off and put on the clear tips which turned out much better. Its worth spending the time to file the nails to the right width, so you can have the bigger size which stops them feeling tight and more natural.

I then decided to paint them and as I had a full bank holiday Saturday, I decided to go with a leopard print design.

I found the tutorial for this on Gem Fatale's Style Blog here. Gem's blog is a great source of nail art and high street fashion.

I also tried out polka dot nails, but decided I preferred the leopard print instead.

Again Gem has a great tutorial for these too!


  1. These look soo pretty!

    1. Thanks Jess - and they were really easy!

  2. These nails look lovely and really professional!

    Tanesha x


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