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Monday, 30 April 2012

Okay, so I originally wrote this post at the weekend to schedule post, but instead blogger lost all the content and I can't remember what I wrote - it probably won't be half as good now either!! It's so annoying when that happens!!

Anyway, I decided to do a series of posts about my 'Desert Island Products' Okay that's a bit extreme but these are seriously products I wonder how I ever managed without before.

First up is Haircare!

Considering how short my hair is, I do use a lot of products. I have put my hair through a lot in the last two years, going from black to red to blonde. I've only been blonde a couple of months so my hair is still recovering, although I'm lucky that my hair is in generally good condition and seems to be able to put up with this level of abuse (not to mention the blow drying and straightening!!)

The shampoo I use is Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection. This is a 'Level 3' strength shampoo which is designed for really weak and brittle hair (basically my abused mop!) It smells gorgeous and does exactly what it claims. It makes it much softer and manageable and less like straw. The two big pump bottles have lasted ages, and I paid about £20-£25 for the pair from my local salon in a twin pack. They have lasted well over a month, with over half the bottle still left, so squirt for squirt, work out good value as you don't need to use a lot.

This is a very recent discovery of mine, but if you have bleached blonde hair you need this in your bathroom! Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo is basically that - a purple shampoo. It takes away yellow and brassy tones from blonde and highlighted hair giving them a more ashy tone. I didn't even realise my hair was yellow until I used this. I could see the difference even when my hair was wet. I've recently had my roots done and had an ash toner on, so I can't fully show you the effects yet, but just for my lovely readers, I'll let my hair go slightly yellowy just so I can demonstrate how amazing this product is! This was about £15, again from my local salon. I'm not sure how long it lasts yet. The one word of caution I would have, is that it does dye your hands slightly if you use too much, and it doesn't lather very well, so its worth using a normal de-greasing shampoo first. It can also give your hair a slight purpley tinge if you over use it, so I'd recommend using every other day.

Moisture Boost

The more observant amongst you will be questioning the inclusion of the Elemis Oil here, but stick with me on this.  I first discovered Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil after having a full body massage at a spa day for my birthday. Part of the massage included a head massage, which made my hair all oily - that is until I washed it! My hair was the softest it had been in a long time, and the oil smells absolutely gorgeous! Like marzipan! The oil solidifies so needs heating up. Put this on your hair for 15 minutes and then wash out and you'll will be impressed with the difference in your hair condition. This isn't a daily use product, and is more of a monthly treat. The oil can also be used on your skin, giving the same effect. It retails for around £25, which again is pricey, but I've had this bottle almost a year now, and you can see how much is still left.

If you haven't heard of Aussie haircare products by now you have clearly been living under a rock!! As well as smelling like bubblegum, the products are great for dry and damaged hair. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner is always on my "to pack" list when I go on holiday, along with the shampoo and conditioner, as its able to combat the hair sun sea and pool water regime your hair goes under on a daily basis whilst on holiday. Its recently become a more regular use product as part of my bid to look after my recently bleached hair. It retails for around £4.


I have quite fine hair and need all the help I can get with volumising. I use Tigi Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray (RRP £10)  on my roots whilst my hair is damp, which gives a root boots and added volume to my otherwise limp locks. Like most Bed Head products it has a nice smell - this one reminds me of candy floss.

I'm not particularly loyal to any hairspray brand, but I do like the Wella Silverkrin hairspray as its reasonably priced, and is widely available in most supermarkets, and the real selling point is that, unlike most hairsprays, it doesn't smell like fly spray. It doesn't have a distinctive smell, just one that isn't offensive and doesn't get up your nose like most, and gives the hold I need.

I honestly do not know what I did with my hair before I discovered Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder, no honestly I really don't! I have been championing this stuff amongst friends colleagues acquaintances and complete strangers for over a year now, since my hairdresser introduced me to it, and I haven't looked back. t has a similar effect to dry shampoo in that it soaks up the oil, but it gives hair a matt effect and loads and loads of volume!! Just a little dust at the roots is all it needs, and if our hair goes flat slightly in the day, just rub your fingers at the root again, and it almost re-ignites the powder. This little genius costs around £10, but I wouldn't go out on a big night without this in my hair!!

Vo5 Extreme Texturising Gum is a product I've used for many years, ever since my hair has been short. I use it to add definition in my hair, particularly in my fringe, and the short sides. My boyfriend also uses it, basically in the same way you would use gel. It costs about £3 per tin and for the amount I use, it lasts months. Its readily available - literally everywhere - and we have tins of the stuff in our house.

I have recently discovered two alternatives to Osis. The Schwarzkopf Got2b Mattifying Powder is by the same company as Osis, but doesn't have the lifting ability of the Osis.It is much cheaper, I picked this up in Home Bargains for about £3 in the men's haircare section, and is good for day to day use, as I don't want 'big' hair at work the way in which I do for a night out.

The Matrix Mega Dust is a salon brand, and although has a similar effect to the Osis, the bottle design is poor. Unlike the Osis, which has loads of little holes in the top, the Matrix only has one, which means sometimes you have to squeeze it to get the powder out, which results in it going everywhere. A general word of caution with the dusts is that it can have the effect that you have dandruff if you don't rub it into your hair or if you get it on your clothes.

So that's it, the first in my 'Desert Island' posts. I will also be featuring body and bath products as well as make up.

What do you think of this post? Are you interested in seeing the others in the series? What are your views on the products I have discussed.


  1. I love the Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder too! The volume u get from it is phenomenal lol!! :)

  2. im going to get in on some of that fudge stuff :) thanks for thats for reminding of this post! xxxx


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