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Sunday, 29 April 2012

I love a bargain as much as the next person and Charity shops are great for a bargain and a way of getting something often unique.
I don't profess to be an expert, but I will put some tips throughout this post but for further tips check out A Thrifty Mrs's blog - and as she says, if she can't save you money you can drink her gin!!

So on with the haul!! I've put prices where I can remember them - these aren't all from the same charity shop or from the same shopping trip.

This little skirt is an absolute gem!! On the rack it looked really outdated but when I pulled it out I realised it was a circle skirt - not a full circle, but a skater type skirt. Its quite thin but of a really soft fabric and really flowy. Its navy blue with white stars all over it. It has a zip at the back but the waist is also elasticated. This skirt was £1! It looks great with a tan skinny belt and thick tights - I'll be focusing this in an outfit post.

With charity shopping you need to be ore imaginative. Unlike a normal shop, items won't be with other matching things that make up part of the 'story' - this is a theme the main shops use.

The other bonus of charity shops is you can come across brands never heard of. This is by a brand called 'Mine.' I could tell by the label it was a fairly pricey brand but hadn't heard of it. I have since found other items in TX Maxx by the same label which even in there retail at £15! This linen top cost £4. It needs some repairing to one of the ruffles on the strap but its just a small stitch job. I'm saving this for my holidays to wear with white linen trousers.

These two tops were £1 each. The purple one is actually Primark and I normally begrudge buying Primark from a charity shop but I very nearly bought this in the last fortnight for £10 so for a current season item I made an exception. I'm still not 100% sure on the other one yet, but for £1 its not the end of the world.

This top is a next top. I saw loads of people wearing these last summer. I'm not sure of the oringinal RRP but I paid £3 for this one which I'm sure is much cheaper!

This floral top is by the label Purple, which is a concession brand usually found in New Look or Dorothy Perkins. I featured this top in this post. This was around £3

Both of these are from Topshop. The belt I added on to give it some shape for the picture. This needs a slight repair which I didn't realise at the time as the little cotton loop for a button at the back is missing. This was £3. The one below was £2

This is a top by French Connection, and was around £5. It comes with its own fabric belt.

This statement necklace was £1.50. It needs to be worn with a low wide necked top as it tends to over power the outfit and irritatingly turns around.

Both these dresses were £1. The sleeveless one is Roxy and the other is La Redoute. The Roxy one was labelled Large - ok, little big on the bust, and the other a 12 - slightly big but ok when gathered up with a belt as shown. I think I'm going to make some sort of strap to hold the Roxy one up slightly.

The more expensive items came from the 'high street' known charity shops and the cheaper ones from more local unknown charity's.

What do you think of my haul? Do you like charity shopping? Would you like more tips and style ups of pieces like this? Let me know.


  1. wow you picked up alot of nice stuff x

    1. Thanks Kirsty - I picked up a couple of other gem's today that I'm wondering whether to edit into this post now lol


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