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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Don't worry, I haven't gone haul post mad, I've been meaning to put these on for a while now, but I may do some more as and when I go shopping again.
Apologies for the pictures, for some reason blogger insists they should be this way around, despite me turning them already.

So I went to Boots to pick up some new false nails. I mentioned the nailene gel nail kit in a previous post, and needed some more, as I had used all the sizes that fitted my nail and I'd had a breakage.
The boots I went to didn't have the nailene kit, but had a broadway one instead.
I also looked at the acrylic nails set and couldn't make up my mind so bought both.
The acrylics one looks quite complex, so I haven't done that yet, but the gel one is just a straightforward as the other, and I think in terms of sticking power slightly better. The problem with both of them is there isn't enough gel in them, so you couldn't go and buy some other falsies and use them stuff again as you would run out and they don't seem to sell it separately. I've got loads of activator though!

Broadway Gel Nail Kit - £13.49
Kiss Salon Acrylic Nails - £20.00

I went a bit mad in the polish section, when I realised all beauty products were on 3 for 2. I needed some white polish for attempting polka dots and the yellow seen on my leopard print nails wasn't very good so wanted some that looked thicker. As I've said (alot) I love coral and peach so got two shades of that, plus a pale strawberry colour that can be used as a base coat. They were a mixture of the Collection Brand (which used to be Collection 2000) and Rimmel. I've used the peachy Rimmel one at its gorgeous - goes on easy and dries quick and evenly.

The  Barry M Baby blue polish was a bit of a mistake. I'd seen it and liked the colour, but I thought I'd already got enough items, until I got to the till and the lady told me to get something else. I rushed and grabbed this but it wasn't until I got home I discovered it was a crackle polish. Not the end of the world but not what I had planned for. I think it will look nice on the white.

Boots isn't exactly where I would go for accessories, but I saw a stand as I walked in the door, and spotted the little coral studs. I've been looking for some as I wear so much coral at present, and they were half price, £1.50, down from £3.00. Then I just went craaaaaaazy and got the headband (£3.75 half price )and the bangle (£1.75 half price) too. I very nearly got the ring but stopped myself in time, as I only every wear two rings (my engagement ring and my grandmother's engagement ring) and don' like my hands looking over cluttered - although if you think I'm missing a trick here let me know!

Instead I spotted these vintage-inspired studs. Sorry the picture is blurry, I didn't notice until just now. I will update with a new one. Again these were half price (£2)

Whilst I was in Boots, I picked up some essential items, like some new files, a new buffer (already out the package because I've used it oops), nail brush, nail polish remover to fetch false nails off (I already have some acetone free remover) and Company magazine. I love Company's new look at the moment, and this one comes with an eyeliner mascara duo.

So that was when I slightly lost my mind in Boots and went a bit mad, but I think I came away with some good things there.
What do you think?


  1. lovely blog =) and a good haul =)
    I'll be happy if you check out mine too=)

  2. Nice haul! Love those earrings, they are lovely!

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Thanks - they are a little big tho - so need to be with an understanded outfit really
      Lovely blog btw :)


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