Sunday Sweetness

Monday, 16 April 2012

Here's a Sunday Sweetness post with a twist - this isn't what I baked, but hopefully what a friend is going to bake!

This is going to be a birthday present (luckily she doesn't read my blog.....yet!) from me and another friend. We all went to New York a couple of years ago, and became slightly obsessed with M&M's, so when I saw this tutorial on Bakerella's website, I pinned it (good old pinterest!) as I knew it would make a great present for one of them.

The friend its going to, has recently moved out and into her first home. She has a gorgeous kitchen, and this blue mixing bowl will look perfect in it. However, she isn't well known for her cooking skills, so this is both slight mickey take/slight serious present!
We also got her one of those cute vintage signs for her kitchen about friendship - as she has always bought them us for so long, it's her turn now!

The jar is a Kilner jar, so she can save it and put things like pasta in it at a later stage.

I made the label myself, and the baking instructions are on the back. Bakerella's site has the recipe in US cup measurements, so I had to convert it first. I'll upload the converted version later this week.

So what do you think? Would you think this is a good present?

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