Sunday Sweetness

Sunday, 25 March 2012

So for this week's Sunday Sweetness, I wanted to look at perfecting my cookie baking.
I have been reading some Joanna Fluke murder mystery novels, about a cookie shop owner called Hannah Swensen who happens to keep stumbling across murder victims face down in her baked goods! Interspersed throughout the books, there are various recipes for cookies, so I thought I'd try a couple out.

I thought it was only appropriate to photograph the cookies with their literary counterparts!

Choc chip crunchies

Molasses Crackles

Regency Ginger Crisps

I had to convert the recipes from USA measurements to UK ones, and figure out that molasses is essentially treacle!

I'm not sure if there's copywrite on the recipes so I'm not sure if I'm strictly able to put the recipes on here, but if they are wanted they I have been known to cave in to peer pressure! But is worth getting hold of the books if you can, good read and cookies to boot!

Much lobe xx

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