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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I know today is technically Tuesday so I am behind but as I've said I'm still getting to grips with this and I have only just figured out how to upload from my mobile! I will be better in future!!
Sunday is generally my 'bake day', as I get most of the morning, until around lunchtime to myself, so I tend to do any baking I want to do then, before getting Sunday dinner ready.

This week I made mint choc chip and chocamocha cupcakes. Neither are particularly revolutionary, but it's the first time I've not actually followed a recipe, aside from my much loved basic cupcake recipe, and all in all they turned out pretty good!!!

You can't tell in the picture above very well, but the buttercream on the mint choc chip is a gorgeous pale green which contrasts with the dark chocolately colour of the cupcake.

I thought I'd also include some photos of other bakes I've done in the last couple of weeks, just to give you a flavour of what I do.

This is a zebra print birthday cake I made for my 'sister-in-law to be'. The cake is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and iced with sugar paste (or fondant depending on your preference)

I got this cake stand for Christams from my Mum and Dad. I'm currently in the process of collecting matching teacups/teapot etc. I made choc chip cookies (as my other half was getting bored of cake, and they sat in the bowl better!) and some vintage style cupcakes.

Close up of the cakes for reference. Doesn't everything look much better on a cake stand? These are a mixture of sugarpaste and buttercream toppings on a plain chocolate cake.

More bakes to come in the future - this Sunday! I'll be making biscuits.

Much Lobe xx

p.s much lobe came from a typing error between me and my friends which has now stuck, in case you were wondering or irritated by my terrible mispelling!

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