Tutorial - 3 seam pencil skirt

Sunday, 25 March 2012

So here is the pencil skit tutorial I promised, apologies for the delay, but I was a bit ill for a day or two and then I've been stupidly busy!

Anyway this is my first go at a tutorial so if there's anything I've missed out you want to know, just ask!!

This is a really simple skirt to make and you only need to be able to stitch in a straight line to get it right.

Here's a picture of me wearing the skirt for a night out - although I didn't actually wear it in the end as it wasn't suitable for the occasion, but I'll show you what I did wear in my next post!

So here's what I did:

I used a pencil skirt that I already own as a template. I allowed a good 3 inches at the top and bottom for hemming and seaming. I was using a tube of fabric, so I just butted up to the edge. (You could just fold your fabric in half)

Turn the fabric, right side together, pin and sew the two open sides together to form the seam. As you can see I struggled to match my stripes up a bit but this will be at the back so this doesn't bother me too much.

View of the seam from the inside, after it's been stitched.

Measure a peice of elastic around your waist so it's just comfortable around your waste. Sew the elastic together to form a loop. Making sure your skirt is inside out, place the loop over the top of the skirt, fold the top over the elastic and pin. You will need to stretch the elastic while you are doing this - I did mine on the ironing board. Stitch all the way around to form the waistband.

You can see the elastic inside the waistband here.

Pin up the bottom edge, to form a hem, and sew on the inisde.

And that's it! Simple eh? Just make sure all your seams are well pressed, and put the seam to the back of the skirt.
You can use the exact same technique for a boob tube top.

I'm working on another skirt thats comes past my knees - I'll upload when completed.


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